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How do we register?

The registration process is done entirely online.

Exporters (shippers) who will not be using a forwarder, are requested to register directly with Trico Logistics in order to gain access to the facilities provided at the Export Facilitation Centre. The exporters complete the form online by entering the details and submitting the required documents.

The application will be processed by Trico Logistics where a user account and password will be emailed to the exporter. Exporters who are Board of Investment registered companies need to select themselves as BOI.

Forwarders follow the same procedure but classify themselves as a Forwarding Agent.

Once the application has been filled and the necessary documents are submitted, the application will be processed by Trico Logistics and the user log in details will be sent via email.

Forwarders will be able to add shippers who are their clients via their account on the EFC portal.

Should we register?

If you are an exporter who has outsourced clearing functions to a forwarder, there is no requirement for you to have a separate account with Trico Logistics.

Your nominated forwarder should do that on your behalf. All other exporters with an in-house set up should be registered with Trico Logistics prior to the arrival of the first container in order to enter gate passes and pay for services required.

How do we update our Trico Logistics account?

To utilise the services provided by Trico Logistics, customers should deposit funds to accounts at Bank of Ceylon or Sampath Bank and forward the deposit slip to for their account to be updated.

Transfers can be either cash deposits at tellers, cash deposit machines or via online transfer.

Upon completion of the transaction, it is vital that the receipt be emailed to in order for the customer account to be updated.

Furthermore it is critical that the unique customer code issued by Trico Logistics be mentioned in the deposit description for easy verification.

How do we sign up for VGM services?

There is no prior registration for VGM services. Access to VGM services provided by Trico Logistics, is available at the time of entering the export gate pass on the portal. All customers who wish to obtain VGM certification must simply select the option prior to submitting the gate pass.

If the customer decides to obtain VGM services after the gate pass has been submitted, then the gate pass can be edited to include the request for weighing, prior to arrival at the EFC.

If the container has arrived at the EFC, a written request must be made to Trico Logistics via the wharf clerk for the container to be issued a VGM certificate.

How do we get a refund on an invoice?

Refunds on invoices are done on a case-by-case basis.

Exporters and forwarders who wish to get a refund on an invoice must make a written request via email to including the reason for the request and invoice numbers that you require to be refunded.

Once the request is made, Trico Logistics will process the application and once approved, the invoice will be refunded within 2-3 business days.

How can we demount our container at the EFC?

Exporters and forwarders can have their container demounted at the EFC at any time of day for a nominal industry standard rate.

What are the Trico Logistics operating hours?

The EFC facility operates on a 24-hour basis, 365 days a year and maintains exceptional levels of service throughout, serving Customs and the shippers of Sri Lanka. This includes the Sinhala & Tamil New Year, Vesak, May Day, Christmas Day and voting days. Customs also functions on a 24 hour, 365 days a year basis.

Our administration offices are open between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday and are handled separately to the export services function.

Any closure or reduction of operating timings of the EFC will be communicated in advance to the industry to avoid disruption to the trade.

How can we obtain our VGM certificate?

Physical VGM certificates are provided at the time of weighing to the vehicle driver. After which the wharf clerk must coordinate with the vehicle driver to determine how the certificates are to be delivered.

Digital copies of the VGM certificate can be obtained via the website by logging into the customer portal.

We can’t enter a gate pass for our export container?

Customers should first check whether there is sufficient balance in their account. If there is not, then simply deposit additional funds to Bank of Ceylon or Sampath Bank and email the deposit slip to for your account to be updated and to proceed with submitting the gate pass.

If there is a pre-submitted gate pass with the same container number as the one to be submitted, customers can edit one digit from the old container and continue to submit the new gate pass. If you require the old gate pass to be refunded, then proceed to submit a request for refund via email to

How can we remove our container from the port?

Export containers that have arrived at the Port of Colombo can be removed even after eCDN acknowledgement and Boat Note passing, following the procedure outlined by Deputy Director of Customs (EFC) and Sri Lanka Customs (Export Department).

Can we get VGM certification for two TEUs on a 40ft trailer?

Now it is possible for two 20ft containers to receive VGM certification from Trico Logistics and only one container will need to be demounted at the EFC for the process to be done.

The entire process will take approximately 5-10 minutes with the container handling included and can be done whilst the Customs formalities are being completed separately.

Can we edit a submitted gate pass?

Submitted gate passes can be edited prior to the arrival of the container at the EFC.

Not all details however can be edited. Incorrectly entered CUSDEC details can not be edited and that gate pass must be requested to be cancelled and refunded. Aside from the CUSDEC number, all other details can be amended prior to the arrival of the container.

In the event a wrong container or vehicle number is entered and is discovered at the gate, an SMS will be sent to the wharf clerk to amend the details.

Containers with incorrect data will not be allowed to enter the EFC with any and all amendments having to be done prior.

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