Wharf Clerks are an integral part of the documentation chain and are extremely valued by Trico Logistics. We provide extra services to our partners at no additional cost.

Trico Logistics has been dedicated to facilitating services for wharf clerks and we provide dedicated ASYCUDA terminals on site for eCusDec and eCDN submissions along with printing and photocopying facilities.

A shared office space has been constructed which can accommodate desk space for seven wharf clerks and further seating capacity for ten. In addition, long term wharf clerks have the option of renting monthly office space at the EFC for the safe storage of their computers and documents

As the EFC is in operation 24/7, a canteen operates throughout the day providing meals and refreshments for EFC users. CCTV cameras monitor movement throughout the facility and ensure the safety of our staff and visitors.

Working spaces for the Wharf Clerks to complete their documentation work is also available within the EFC building including access to readily available Sri Lanka Customs forms. ASYCUDA terminals for submission e-CDN and e-CUSDECS are provided at no additional cost at the office building.