Our History

Trico Logistics Ltd was established in 2013 to serve as the operator of the Export Facilitation Centre (EFC) of Sri Lanka Customs. Our sister company, Trico Maritime (Pvt) Ltd is a bonded-warehouse operator in Sri Lanka, whose relationship with Sri Lanka Customs spanning almost 40 years has maintained our position as a pioneering bonds keeper in the country.

A novel concept envisaged by the Director General of Customs, Sri Lanka Shippers Council and other stakeholders, the EFC serves as the one-stop-shop for sea-borne export cargo facilitated through the Port of Colombo. A three-acre Customs Bonded facility, the main purpose of the EFC was to reduce the time taken to complete export related formalities enforced by border control agencies. It was established to function on a 24-hour basis, 365 days a year and we have carried out the tasks entrusted to us without fail since our inception, having closed for just one day due to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

Since opening for export containers in 2014, Trico Logistics has continually evolved our service offering to Sri Lankan shippers. As a dedicated partner, we supported licensed fumigation service providers by giving them the space to carry out fumigation activities, the Sri Lanka Ports Authority to establish their vessel gate at the EFC, the National Plant Quarantine Service to set up a unit to provide examination and certification to relevant consignments and the Sri Lanka Tea Board to house a unit at the EFC to conduct certification and warranting of tea exports. We are also registered with the Merchant Shipping Secretariat as a licensed Verified Gross Mass (VGM) issuer in line with the International Maritime Organization’s SOLAS Convention Amendments of 2016.

Despite being a young company, Trico Logistics has made a huge impact on the shipping industry of Sri Lanka, bringing to the trade, a level of unparalleled digitalisation, innovation and efficiency. Our commitment to improving the ICT capabilities across all partners has ensured streamlined activity throughout the entire sea export process. An ethos continuously instilled by the senior management of the company, has trickled down through to all levels of the organisation making us a stable and innovative service provider.

A combined 90 years of experience across our Board of Directors and the Senior Management Team, enable Trico Logistics to understand the needs of Sri Lanka Customs, Sri Lanka Ports Authority, shipping lines, Sri Lankan shippers, freight forwarders and other stakeholders to ensure uninterrupted processes that cater to their unique needs. Our operators too play a vital role in the prolonged success of our company. With a young, motivated team of Sri Lankans working around the clock, their sacrifices maintain the daily efficiency of our organization and continue to support the island’s exporters. The investment in technology and human resources has ensured that Trico Logistics continues to maintain their position as the gatekeepers of the export industry!