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May 1, 2021

Sri Lanka Customs Announces Online Warranting of Export CusDecs

Sri Lanka Customs (DC - Exports) has published the following notice to all wharf clerks and exporters on the 30th April 2021 regarding changes to the warranting procedure of Export CusDecs. The notice is as follows;

Paperless Export CusDec processing, launched as a Pilot Project of the Export Directorate has been in operation from 01.02.2021. At present, all the exports CusDecs of Tea and Coconut products are warranted online.

The process to grant online approval for all the other exports except Tea and Coconut requiring prior approvals from equivalent Government Agencies, is still in progress and once the linking process with those Government Agencies is finalised, all the export CusDec will be provided with the online warranting facility.

In order to cope with the Covid-19 situation, a decision has been taken to extend the online warranting facility to all other Export CusDecs which do not require prior approvals of other Government Agencies. This decision will be implemented from 03.05.2021.

Therefore all the exporters must adhere to the procedure laid down below.

Exporters/Declarants must submit their CusDecs online.

All the supporting documents, e.g. invoice, packing lists etc, must be uploaded as attached documents to the CusDec.

Submitted CusDec No. must be informed by a fax message. Fax Numbers are as follows;

011 233 7077 LCLs to the Head Office

011 233 2445 FCLs to EFC/Trico

CusDecs will be warranted by Superintendents of Customs.

The true copies of CusDecs and supporting documents are to be submitted to EFC (Trico), to obtain the acknowledgement of CDNs.

Except the above mentioned steps, all the other steps previously followed in the exportation process will remain the same.

Please note that Re Exports and Exports under FRICs have not been coerced under the online paperless procedure.

All officers are requested to comply with the above mentioned procedure.

Director of Customs (Exports)