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May 15, 2014
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August 21, 2016

Trico Logistics helps ensure industry remain compliant with IMO SOLAS amendments

The International Maritime Organisation announced through the SOLAS Convention that every packed export container should have its gross mass verified before loading, effective from 1st July 2016. Under the regulations announced by the IMO and adopted by the Merchant Shipping Secretariat of Sri Lanka (MSS), there are two methods of verifying the mass of the container. Method 1, involves weighing the fully loaded container once it has been packed. Method 2, involves weighing the content of the container, including cargo and any packing materials and then adding that to the tare weight of the container indicated on the door.

According to the SOLAS requirement, the shipper entered into the Bill of Lading is responsible for verifying the mass of the laden container. To ensure compliance with the new global regulations, Trico Logistics has constructed four weighbridges to facilitate the weighing of fully laden containers from 1st July 2016. Supplied by internationally recognised industry leaders, Avery Weightronix manufactured the three 80 tonne bridges and one 100 tonne bridge we use that is capable of handling out-of-gauge cargo. Currently, there is an installed capacity to weigh approximately 100 containers per hour with two weighbridges operating at any given time.

For shippers to use the new facility, there is a mandatory requirement that the empty vehicle weight needs to be registered with Trico Logistics. In the run-up to the effective date, truck owners have been encouraged to fill out the online form and arrive at the EFC to have their empty vehicle weighed and registered at no additional cost.

The vehicle empty weight certificate is then valid for a period of up to one year where the vehicle has to once again be reweighed and recertified. Additional costs may occur if the vehicle has not been reweighed before the license has expired. Shippers and forwarders simply need to ensure the vehicle carrying the container has a valid empty weight certificate and to select the ‘VGM’ option at the time of submitting the gate pass.

Should you require any further information regarding VGM procedures at the EFC, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing and one of our customer service agents will get in touch with you.