Trico Logistics encourages customers to use online transfers in light of COVID-19 pandemic
April 15, 2020
TricoLogi-SIB Marine Cargo Insurance Portal
TricoLogi-SIB Marine Cargo Insurance Portal
June 16, 2020

Trico Logistics offers new services to shippers and customers with storage options

The world of logistics is one where certain flexibilities need to be built into the supply chain. In a fast-changing world, made more difficult with the recent COVID-19 outbreak, Trico Logistics understands the difficulties faced by many sectors of the economy. We are happy to announce flexible storage options for exporters and other sectors with long or short term options.

Tailored to meet the client’s requirements, storage can be either a full or less than container load. Billing is done in a paperless with the due amount deducted from the customer’s account held with Trico Logistics which in turn is topped up via online transfer. Additional services such as fumigation (through licensed fumigators) and container handling can also be arranged for a nominal fee.

Customs wishing to make avail of this new service can simply reach out to Trico Logistics through or where one of our customer service agents will be in contact to explain the service offerings in more detail.