TricoLogi-SIB Marine Cargo Insurance Portal
TricoLogi-SIB Marine Cargo Insurance Portal
June 16, 2020
Trico Logistics enhances COVID-19 Prevention & Control measures
September 18, 2020

TricoLogistics launches another first with online Marine Cargo Insurance Portal

Collaborating with Strategic Insurance Brokers (SIB) and Fairfirst Insurance, Trico Logistics can announce the introduction of Sri Lanka’s first digital insurance issuance and claim portal dedicated to the export industry.

Strategic Insurance Brokers is a global leader in the insurance and reinsurance industry and is based in Sri Lanka. The company prides itself on meticulously attending to every detail to offer a localised service through their global expertise. Recognising the need for clients to have a robust partner in an increasingly dynamic and evolving insurance market, SIB has a proven track record for helping their clients to thrive and survive. Their internal team of financial and risk consultants have been able to assist clients in anticipating, quantifying and fully understanding the range of risks that are present in the modern trade. SIB is also part of the UNiBA Partners which is a client-centric global brokering network with a presence in over 130 countries that can communicate to different insurance market set-ups that have their unique challenges.

Fairfirst Insurance is backed by Fairfax which is one of the largest general insurance groups in the world with a speciality in keeping the complicated stuff simple. Fairfirst is an organisation that is truly local at heart but global in its approach to delivering impactful solutions for its customers. As an insurance firm, they have merged traditional Sri Lankan values with international standards and methods and have tailored international best practices into a local context. Their marine insurance policies are built for international and local journeys with the option of regular shippers being able to obtain open covers to have an advanced method of cover for their exports.

For the first time, shippers can obtain insurance policies for the voyage ahead through an end-to-end online platform. The process includes the submission of cargo and voyage details, and within seconds the portal will issue an insurance policy pending confirmation from the shipper.

The process begins by visiting the Trico Logistics website (, filling in the details and attaching the required documents to the application. Once the application has been processed, shippers will be able to obtain their insurance policies. When a policy is required, shippers simply have to fill in their shipment details and click submit. The policy is processed and within seconds a policy is submitted to the shipper via the portal.

The monetary value of the premium, the terms and conditions of the policy are all available for perusal by the shipper before accepting. Once the shipper is satisfied with the terms and the premium, the payment for the policy is made via the portal and the account maintained on the Trico Logistics portal.

Shippers wishing to make avail of this new and exciting offering can simply reach out to Trico Logistics through where one of our customer service agents will be in contact to explain the registration process.