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Sri Lanka Customs Notice Regarding Tea & Coconut Products

Sri Lanka Customs Director (DC – Exports) has published the following notice to all wharf clerks and exporters on the 5th March 2021 addressed to all exporters and declarents of tea and coconut products is as follows below.

As you may be aware that pilot paperless Export processing has been started from 01.02.2021. Paperless warranting of five selected companies is taking place at present.

Under this pilot project all the CusDecs submitted by all the Exporters requiring Permit/License from the Coconut Development Authority (CDA) are directly referred for their online approval. In regard to the Tea Exports, the usual procedure is being continued.

At the second level, paperless warranting for all the exporters of Tea and Coconut products will be implemented from 08.03.2021.

You are requested to follow the below mentioned procedures in this regards:

1. Submit the CusDec online as done at present.

2. Scan and upload the necessary supporting documents such as Invoice, Packing List and Permit/License (Please see the link below for ‘How to upload SCAN documents to ASYCUDA World system’).

3. Fax message the submitted CusDecs numbers to fax no. 011 233 7077 (LCL – Head Office) and 011 233 2445 (FCL – EFC/Trico), and/or email them to (LCL – Head Office) and (FCL – EFC/Trico).

4. Submit printouts of the CusDecs and supporting documents to the officer acknowledging the CDN at Export Facilitation Centre (Trico). Follow the remaining procedure as usual.

Please note that re-exports and exports under FRIC are not covered under this paperless warranting procedure.

Your cooperation in this regard is highly appreciated.

Director of Customs (Exports)